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Rinesa Iseni, Kosovo

One of my best decisions I made in my life is choosing to be an Erasmus student in the beautiful city of Nysa in Poland. The amazing city of Nysa is known worldwide for its delicious traditional food, amazing and kind-hearted people, for the breath-taking nature (with lakes, rivers and forests), and for the famous admired old history architecture and monuments that were built since the fifteenth century. Before I came to Poland I had a goal , that goal was developing myself for good and increase my skills and knowledge, and indeed I did with the help of the great professors, with the help of the kind coordinators and not to forget the great and warmth friendship I was able to create during my stay here in Poland. I would like to encourage students to visit this amazing city and study in one of the most prestigious universities of Europe such is the University of Applied Science of Nysa. In my opinion, traveling and studying in the same time is a great opportunity and a fantastic experience that every student should experience at least once in their lifetime, like Saint Augustine, one of the best philosophers once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page".

Rinesa Iseni, Kosovo
English Philology, academic year 2020/2021

Emre Özay, Turkey

When I first came to Nysa, the buildings in the city immediately caught my attention. They were so beautiful with different colors and shades. What is more, I liked that there are many green areas like parks, forests and walking routes. Our coordinator and my new international friends helped me a lot in adapting to Erasmus life. We had such a great time with my friends I made here. Also our coordinator was very helpful and nice. Most of our professors replied quickly when we had some questions and doubts. Erasmus was a good experience, although we could not do much activity due to the coronavirus. I recommend it to everyone.

Emre Özay, Turkey
Computer Science, academic year 2020/21

Iran Mildred Coria Lozano, Mexico

To have lived my Erasmus+ in Nysa was such an amazing experience. Although the city is a bit smaller, it has so much charm: beautiful architecture, a nice view of a lake, a beach to spend time with friends, green parks to walk by. The people that I met were what completed this incredible time, I created the greatest friendships, learned so much about other cultures, and had the freedom to grow; including the International Office and the English Philology Department personnel, which were always there for anyone who needed help.
I will always be thankful for having spent my Erasmus+ in beautiful Nysa. If you have the opportunity for this city, I encourage you to take it, you won’t regret it :)

Iran Mildred Coria Lozano, Mexico
Trainee at ICO, academic year 2020/21

Adela Seferi, Albania

Erasmus is one of those adventures which can't be forgotten. My very first time in Poland and there's no better way to get to know the place then living there and I must say that I am impressed from the love and the comfort I felt here! Nysa is a small and quiet city but it's very friendly and you can find everything you search for. What I like most about the university, was the atmosphere. The students were very friendly and willing to help I made a lot of good friends here. Teachers are very patient they are ready to help whenever I asked for. Also our coordinator, Izabela Stec did a great job and was there for us, helping with everything we needed! Of course the COVID-19 didn't make the things very easy but I must say that I really enjoyed every day of the experience. I want to remind everyone to have to take the chance and be part of Erasmus experience and there's no better place than Nysa, it can change your life! I promise you will feel like home here!

Adela Seferi, Turkey
English Philology, academic year 2020/21

Kerem Safa Dirican, Turkey

Being an Erasmus+ student in a pandemic is a very different experience than a normal time. It has some disadvantages like not being able to travel much but still we have great friendships which is more important. Yes, maybe We couldn't go to the cinema but it didn't stop us from watching movies together in the dormitory :) Also Nysa is a very beautiful city and still has many things to do. Apart from these, we had the opportunity to visit other cities in Poland. We have so much fun here and I really want to visit here again in the future.

Kerem Safa Dirican, Turkey
Computer Science, academic year 2020/21

Bahar Çakiroglu, Turkey

Hi there! I spent 2 semesters in Nysa, almost 1 year. And this 1 year was the most memorable year of my life, honestly. It was the first time that I was separated from my home and went abroad. I was super excited and worried at the same time. When I think about what I have experienced, I see that it is worth all those fears and worries. I learned a lot, traveled a lot, met different cultures, I felt emotions I've never felt before. I made great friendships that I knew would last for years. It was very excited to be a part of Erasmus and learning something about Polish culture. Even now, i use some of Polish expressions and explain them to my friends. Second semester was quite different. Because of the Corona Virus we had really hard times. It was not easy to stay inside that much time. We were afraid of what could happen. But we overcame this by getting support from each other. We found a way to have fun and tried to be happy with little things. Nysa is a small and quite place. I especially liked this features. It was very peaceful to be there. And It was also our safe place in the Corona time. At the end of the year, It was not easy to leave Nysa. We left many memories there. Now, when i think about Nysa it feels like home. Dziękuję NYSA!

Bahar Çakiroglu, Turkey
Architecture, academic year 2019/2020

Klara Studena, Czech Republic

On February I came to University of Applied Sciences in Nysa to study Dietetics. It was such an amazing experience for me to spend time in Poland. I have learnt from many professionals who were unbelievably supportive and helpful. People from the International Cooperation Office were very kind and friendly and made the whole process so easy, they were always willing to help you in any situation. Here in Nysa I had opportunity to meet so many great people from many countries who I really enjoyed getting to know and I will never forget all our adventures. In conclusion, this Erasmus experience couldn’t have been better.

Studená Klára, Czech Republic
Dietetics, academic year 2018/19

Ritika Laddha, India

Talking about my first international journey, it was an exposure I would surely remember for lifetime. Meeting and interacting with people from all over the world, getting to know their culture and lifestyle and even exploring different parts of Europe was really exciting for me. And especially when I talk about Poland, it is amazingly beautiful! I am so glad that I got to spend a semester in Nysa. Everything is perfect here, from peaceful atmosphere to lakes and even the people here are so warmly and friendly like they are always ready to help. Talking about education, all the professors are always so helpful and learning from them is a great opportunity for me. To conclude with, I really want to say that I had the best time here in Nysa that I will never forget.

Ritika Laddha, India
Finance, academic year 2018/19

Eliška Fořtová, Czech Republic

I was in Poland during summer semester for 5 months. It was an amazing experience to visit a new country, learn about their culture, try to live and study abroad. I met many beautiful and very kind people from different countries and we spent a lot of time together on trips through Poland or in the evenings and weekends. Also the University and the teachers were very kind and helpful to us. Thanks to all Polish people and other Erasmus students my Erasmus experience was so wonderful. I would recommend Nysa and this University to all students, who want to spend a great time with new friends and gain new experiences.

Eliška Fořtová, Czech Republic
Dietetics, academic year 2018/19

Adélie Berthoud, France

I came to Poland for three months to finalize my nursing studies. It was such a great experience thanks to all the people I met. What is more, I discovered a new culture and another way of working at the hospital, which differs from the one I learnt in France. Additionally, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Poland and also in Europe. Polish people I met here have been very kind, patient and welcoming. It helped me a lot to feel like home. I also met other Erasmus students in the dormitory with whom I often went out at nights, weekends and holidays. Don?t hesitate to come here, you will learn so much about yourself and the others!

Adélie Berthoud, France
Nursing, academic year 2018/19

Dina Grilo, Portugal

My Erasmus experience at UAS Nysa was amazing. I served a medical practice in the hospital and it was great. I saw different reality than in Portugal, different way of working and thinking. I?m so grateful for the hospitality and good reception from nurses and other hospital staff members. Furthermore, Poland gives great opportunities to travel, it has wonderful cities and places. Here it is cheaper than in Portugal. Finally, in Poland I met many fantastic people and I can surely say TAKE YOUR CHANCE AND COME TO NYSA.

Dina Grilo, Portugal
Nursing, academic year 2018/19

Subodh, India

This is my first trip abroad I cannot thank enough the staff at the International office who have been very accommodating and have done everything possible to help me during the program. Coming to academics I am enrolled in Department of Production and Management, the Professors here are extremely knowledgeable and have between them years of experience both academic and industrial they speak fluent English and have addressed any and all queries that I have brought to them, the classes conducted are extremely relevant to current industrial standards. Coming to students I have met a diverse group of students from various nationalities including local polish students and despite me being the sole Indian in Erasmus program they have been warm and respectful towards me and my culture and have given me a chance to explore theirs as well. The same could be said about the local population who are very hospitable to foreigners. Coming to tourism Poland boasts of several historical and beautiful tourist sites from war memorials to medieval castles, it is also near the center of Europe and so trips can be taken to almost any part of Europe at cheap rates as I have done so. To end this trip has not only helped me academically but also grow as a human being I have done things that were on my bucket list for long and then things that I would not have imagined i would. to any prospective student who reads this i would definitely recommend going for Erasmus as it is an experience of a lifetime.

Subodh Gade, India
Management And Production Engineering, winter semester 2018/2019

Elvire, Kosovo

Being an Erasmus+ student is a magnificent experience. You are exposed in completely new environment which has a lot of impact in your life, personality, determination and social part. I never thought that I could have so many skills as the one I discovered within myself such as the linguistic ones, sport, creativity and the ability to be socialized with people from all over the world. I am more determined now and understood within my stay here what I really want to do with my life.

Elvire Canziba, Kosovo
English Philology, academic year 2016/17

TIAGO, Portugal

I have learned a lot in here. I was dealing with very good professionals and they have taught me many things. People who work at the University speak English very well. The International Cooperation Office staff is really helpful. They really helped me and my friend and I?m really grateful. They provided us with a lot of great moments, great trips, and taught me a lot regarding the Polish culture. I liked study environment, localization and good communication with our coordinators.

Tiago Mendes, Portugal
Computer science, winter semester 2014/2015

FERHAT, Turkey

Nysa is a nice and friendly place to study. It is really easy to contact the International Office personnel. My Coordinator Mr. Piotr Chwastyk was helpful, like all the teachers. University buildings are close to each other. I was satisfied with the dormitory conditions. There could be more events organized for Erasmus students, but for sure I liked the ones I participated in. In my free time I went bowling , ice skating or to the cinema. I will remember the time spent here for the rest of my life.

Uveys Ferhat Usta, Turkey
Computer science, winter semester 2015/2016

Sandra, Spain

Between many options, I have decided to choose Poland for studying abroad. Erasmus is a great opportunity for travelling and Poland?s location is perfect for that, as the country is in the middle of Europe. Moreover, Nysa is a nice city, there are many things to do here. The university here is fantastic, because there aren?t many people in class, which means that teachers can help you individually. Also, I had great classmates and teachers that made me feel really integrated. Definitely I recommend the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa for the Erasmus choice.

Sandra Brumos Azcon, Spain
Neophilology, winter semester 2014/2015

Georgios, Greece

Nysa is a small, but very beautiful city and people here are nice. Polish students are very friendly and communicative and they want to meet and talk with the Erasmus students and exchange ideas. All my classes were prepared perfectly, I had a great contact with the Finance Coordinator Mrs. Joanna Szczepańska, she was really supportive. The International Office was really helpful with everything. I participated in the Polish language course, which helped me learn some Polish and make new friends.

Georgios Fountas, Greece
Finance, winter semester 2015/2016

Vitalija, Lithuania

For me, best three things about the university, would be helpful staff, pleasant environment and students friendliness. As for grading the work of the university staff, I contacted only Mrs. Magdalena Rogóż ? my Coordinator from the Cosmetology Department, Mr. Tomasz Rasiński and Ms. Joanna Skotnicka from the Cooperation Office and I would grade them very well. Apart from studying, my activities mostly were going on little trips with friends and spending time with other students. There were a few university events that I attended and enjoyed. I learned to be more confident, brave, if I need something - just go and ask. I used to be shy and more introvert, after I came here to study alone I became more open and talkative, because I had to meet new people, make new friends to spend my time with. I became more responsible. My personality changed to a good and I grew up as a person. About country itself, it?s very nice and beautiful country for me, I visit Poland at least few times in a year because of many events happening here and my friends.
Nysa makes my think of home. It?s a place where I met new amazing people, new friends who I can call my family, my international family.
It doesn?t matter where you have an option to study, I would say just go, use this opportunity and experience the Erasmus programme. This is an invaluable experience and you may find a lot of new lifetime friends. It will help you in a lot of ways, just be brave. Of course, if you live in a completely different culture, Poland would be nice and interesting change for you, there?s a lot to see, a lot to visit. Poland has a rich culture and is very unique, I can guarantee that you will like there.

Vitalija Kaikaryte, Lithuania
Cosmetology, winter semester 2015/2016

Andrea, Italy

My first impression after coming to Nysa was good, it?s a small city but from an architectural point of view it?s really interesting. What I liked most about the University, was the atmosphere, courtesy of the staff and the way of teaching, totally different from ours in Italy. During my stay I contacted Mrs. Anna Opałka ? Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator, Mr. Tomasz Rasiński from the International Cooperation Office and Mr. Bartłomiej Kozak from the Careers Office, best grade for all of them! Mr. I met here amazing guys from all over the world, we spent a lot of time together and we had fun. This experience is really important for me, because it?s the first time that I live out of my home, out of my country and with other people. In the same way it?s very important, because I improved a lot my English skills, so definitely yes, a really nice experience that of course I would recommend.

Andrea Granieri, Italy
Architecture, winter semester 2015/2016

Kübra, Turkey

Nysa is a small and cute place. I liked being here. I met many nice people. Level of education is really high, teachers always professional and helpful. I especially liked the fact that the University buildings are close to the dormitory and that they were not so much crowded. In my free time I used to go to the cinema, shopping or travel to another cities and countries. I can say, it?s a good experience being an exchange student in Poland.

Kübra Karataş, Turkey
Management and Production Engineering, winter semester 2015/2016


During my stay in Nysa I have improved my English skills and I have learned many aspects of the Polish tradition. Nysa is a small city, where life is very simple and relaxing. As for the International Cooperation Office, during this semester I stayed in touch with Mr. Tomasz Rasiński, he was always helpful and kind, the same when it comes to other students. Teachers were always ready to help, whenever it was needed. What I liked most about the University was its organization and the level of education, so my overall opinion is very good.

Domenico Lavia, Italy
Architecture, winter semester 2015/2016

Cristina, Spain

Before my arrival I was told that people are cold, but here I learned that Polish people are really nice and friendly. I could always count on students and teachers. My Coordinator - Mr. Konrad Dobrowolski was very helpful with everything and he has been great as a Coordinator. In addition, I participated in the Polish language course, which I enjoyed and it was an interesting experience to get to know the Polish language and culture a little better. Luckily I have chosen to study in Nysa for a whole academic year, so I will have more opportunities for it.

Cristina Ruiz-Olalla Moure, Spain
Architecture, winter and summer semester 2015/2016

Isidoros, Greece

During my time spent in Nysa I practiced more my English, I made awesome friends and became more socially independent. About the University staff... they are always kind and willing to help, teachers are respectful and they give interesting classes. Mrs. Joanna Szczepańska is one of the most helpful and understanding teachers and coordinators I have ever met. Another thing that comes to my mind is a high level of education. In my free time I used to go to the gym, to a pub or to meet my friends in the dorm. Everybody was perfect - teachers, students, the International Cooperation Office staff, I?m glad I have met all of them and for sure studying within the Erasmus programme is a big adventure and an unforgettable experience.

Isidoros Skalidis, Greece
Finance, winter semester 2015/2016

GULLU, Turkey

My choice to spend the semester abroad was a small city Nysa in Poland. My first impression was very good, there are very nice people and I adapted with group very quickly. I didn?t have problems finding interesting places in the city, because the people are very helpful. The coordinator was helping us and finding solutions for our problems. The dormitory was very nice, no problems with Internet, nice people helping us. I like Nysa very much.

Gullu Yalginkaya



University is very impressing, modern buildings, classrooms with good equipment. Relation between student and teacher is very friendly. Dormitory was perfect, mentors were good people, and all times they invited us somewhere. Coordinator is very helpful. She solved our all problems. Everytime she offered something for us. The most interesting for me was adaptation day and Top Chef Competition. There were many interesting activities. I enjoyed my time in Nysa very much.

Ibrahim Emre Karaarslan


SINEM, Turkey

I was studying in Nysa one semester. Every day I was spending my time in School. I met every department. Nysa is very beautiful, it has wonderful landscapes, with park, lake, monuments. Polish students are very open, welcomed us very nice. Mentors interest with us about every matters. They help us. Our coordinator hold meetings and competitions for us. She interested with us. She provided to us relax conversation. The quality of teachers is very good. Semester in Nysa was wonderful.



Sinem Bursa

IRENE, Spain

During my stay in Nysa I felt really like home. Teachers were very kind for us and were treating us with respect. International Cooperation Office was organizing many fantastic activities for Erasmus students. My stay in Nysa was a great chance to learn the new ways of learning, different from those in a native University. The atmosphere here was very friendly, and the possibility of cooperation with the projects with foreign students enabled extending my skills of making projects as well as the language skills. Consarch project was a great experience and it made a great influence on my abilities.

Irene Ares Nicloas

LAURA, Latvia


My adventure with Erasmus Programme has started in February. I was excited and a little bit afraid of what is going to happen. Days spent in Nysa were full of new experiences. I was spending a lot of time at University, where both I was learning and having fun. I have visited many different cities during weekends. I was really impressed with the beautiful buildings I saw in Poland. It was a great experience meeting students from different countries, sharing experiences with them, I will miss it very much. Teacher in Nysa were very friendly, they were ready to help whenever I had a problem with exercises. I must say, the Polish language course was very professional. I didn?t expect that such a short time of learning Polish could be so successful. Knowledge gained thanks to Ms. Kilarska helped me a lot in every day life. I will always miss my stay in Nysa. It was a great pleasure to live there.

Laura Jansone


"Hello, I´m Estefania, from Spain and I´m Erasmus student in Poland. Before starting my lessons at the university I decided to spend my first month in this country learning Polish and I chose Nysa because the university offered me the possibility of doing a three weeks course and learn the language in a small group of people. It was very effective and, at the end of the 3rd week, with the help of the teacher and the material that she gave to us, I learned basic concepts and I felt more prepared to spend one year in Poland. In addition, the had planned for us a lot of activities and we could visit all the city, we could learn something about the polish culture and we met a lot of friends!"

Estefania, Spain


I attended the Erasmus student exchange program to observe new life styles in different countries and to be aware about different cultures. I also thought that it will be a nice experience to study in another country and I found what I look for in Nysa.I don't regret to be and study in Nysa.I met with a lot of students and now I have plenty of foreign friends. Also the teachers are very helpful to foreign students. Only thing I did not love about school was the fact that attendance is very important. Students don't have to miss more than 2 courses.

Although Nysa is not a big city, there is a lot to do. For example as daily activity; walking along the river (feeding water birds), going to the dam are some possibilities. The city itself contains old buildings and structures (Cathedral, other churches, fountains, castles) There is also trips organized by the International Relation Office(IRO).From the first day to the last everybody in the IRO was very kind and helpful. They help the students in every subject with orientation program and with their understanding. Also tutors are really qualified people. My tutors were Marta and Marlena and I am really glad that they were my tutors.

In dormitory students can feel themselves secure and comfortable because it is very clean and the personnel are kind and helpful. It is easy to access from the dormitory to school, to the center and to the shops.

Volkan, Turkey

Falling in love with Poland
- The State Higher Vocational School in Nysa

It can happen either from the first sight, or gradually, but at one point you realize that Poland has conquered you. I have spent here five beautiful months, and each of them was special, full of surprises made both by me and Poland.

Wrzesień - The month of Polish Language Course
My fears of the "czyrzyrszcz" language was swept away immediately. The teacher Magda was more like a helpful friend who happens to stand in front of you with a piece of chalk in her hands. And she was always ready to help us also behind the classroom doors.
Poland surprised me: it is the state with the highest density of potentially helpful people. And it doesn't matter if you don't speak the language - you can still be proposed on the bridge!
I surprised myself: it is easier to make friends if you're not at home (Hi to Tina, Gala, Estefania, Ayşe, Dilek, Kübra, Halit, Ibrahim, and Mücahit!)

Październik - Building F becomes my second home here
As soon as I found my route to the school I understood that it can only help if you use one more path quite often ? the way to the copying place. By the way, this is a great place where to practise numbers in Polish! Poland surprised me: the guys from the Year II are professional friend-makers (Hi to everyone!). It is impossible to say No to Agnieszka and Dorota. Oh, one more thing - Paweł is the best host! I surprised myself: now I can count till 10 also in Turkish, and play Pişti.

Listopad - Zakopane is a must-see
The trip to Zakopane was everything you could dream about. And a lot more (thanks, Bartek!). The mountains (especially if you come from a country where the highest hill is 312 m high ? it's not a mistake), town itself, parties, company... Now I know how a Polish party looks like!
Poland surprised me: it's even better than a good cake ? you can't get full of it!
I surprised myself: a three-day party is a piece of cake!

Grudzień - School is the reason... study hard and party even more harder (Hi to Marta and Marlena!)! It's quite unusual for me, but I really enjoy the recommended reading list! And the best way how to relax after a day spent together with Christian travelling to Celestial City is to join the others and go to Fabryka.
Poland surprised me: Nysa is the perfect place if you want to see 30 swans in a river in winter!
I surprised myself: I feel like home.

Styczeń - As you sow so shall you reap
Just before the exam session we went to Prague, and I have a really strong feeling that this is one of the best things that happened during these months (Marcin, you and Katarina are great!). And then the time for the exams came (Sara and Natalia ? thanks for the trees we planted ?). Well, there's nothing much to tell about that ? if you're a student, you know what's that. If you're not a student, you definitely have heard about exam session.
Poland surprised me: it has still a lot of things to surprise me with.
I surprised myself: I feel as if I've been living here for 5 years...

Now I know - I'm in love with Poland, and I'm sure I will use every opportunity to visit it again (it's a prophylactic medicine for the out-of-sight-out-of-mind sickness). I know that I didn't mention a lot of people who made these five months very special for me ? Anna from the Cooperation Office, Mateusz, Kamił, Stanisław, and many more.
But now I have to go back to Latvia to make sure that it is ready to welcome you!

With a Hello from Latvia -