International Cooperation Office

Fields of study

  1. UAS in Nysa offers full time (studies that occur on weekdays) and part-time studies that take place at the weekend. Both of these routes are offered at the following levels: Bachelor (3 years), Engineer (3,5 years) and Master (Nursing and Internal Security)degree level, at the following fields of study:


  • Administration
  • Architecture (engineer)
    - specialisation Conservation and preservation of arts works
    - specialisation Architecture and urban planning studies in the English language
    - specialization Architecture of light
  • Internal security
    - specialisation Penitentiary
    - specialisation Economic security
    - specialisation Management of security systems
    - specialisation Criminology and crime detection
  • Dietetics
    - specialisation Clinical dietetics
    - specialisation Sports dietetics
    - specialisation Psychodietetics
  • Philology English Studies - studies in the English language
  • Philology German Philology - studies in the German language
  • Finance and accounting - selected courses possible in the English language
    - specialisation Corporate finance
    - specialisation Accounting and financial control
  • Informatics (engineer) - selected courses possible in the English language
    - specialisation Network and information technology security
    - specialisation Computer games and multimedia
    - specialisation Internet systems
    - specialisation Systems and computer networks
  • Jazz and popular music
    - specialisation Sound engineering - specialisation Jazz instrumentalism: piano, bass guitar, double bass, guitar, saxophone,    trumpet, trombone, percussion
    - specialisation Instrumental and vocal
    - specialisation Artistic education in jazz and popular music
  • Cosmetology - selected courses possible in the English language
    - specialisation Cosmetic chemistry and technology
    - specialisation Specialist cosmetology
  • Nursing * - selected courses possible in the English language
  • Psychophysical development
    - specialisation Personal trainer
    - specialisation Psychomotor recreation
    - specialisation Instructor of motor training
  • Medical rescue
  • Management And Production Engineering (Engineer) - selected courses possible in the English language
    - specialisation Production automation and mechatronics systems Security management
    - specialisation Quality management
    - specialisation Production and service management
    - specialisation Innovation and projects management


  • Architecture
  • Internal security
    - specialisation Security of local communities
    - specialisation Internal security services and formations
    - specialisation Management in crisis situations
  • Dietetics
    - specialisation Pediatric dietetics
    - specialisation Sports dietetics
    - specialisation Psychodietetics
  • Jazz and popular music
  • Nursing
  • Management And Production Engineering
  • - specialisation Sustainability, cleaner production
    - specialisation Production logistics

Full description of fields available here:


  • Architecture and urban planning (engineer)
    - specialisation Architecture and urban planning in the English language
  • Philology
    - specialisation English Studies

International students are accepted to studies in Polish language at UAS in Nysa if they:

  • complete a 1-year course in preparation for undertaking studies in the Polish language at centres appointed by the Minister in charge of matters relating to higher education, hereafter reffered to as “Minister”, or
  • have obtained a language certificate issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language, or
  • have obtained a confirmation issued by UAS in Nysa, that their Polish language preparation and level of command allows to study in the Polish language.

Foreigners are allowed to take up studies in foreign languages (English and German) if they submit an appropriate document/certificate of confirming their foreign language skills in that language (at least B2 level) or if they pass a language exam held at UAS in Nysa.

International students who choose to participate in selected classes/courses/modules held in the English language are obliged to attend POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE and pass the Polish Language Exam after 1st year of studies.