International Cooperation Office



Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator

International Cooperation Office mgr Anna Opałka
tel. +48 77 4091687,
Faculty of Social Sciences  
Administration dr Grzegorz Chmielewski
Internal security dr Adam Banaszkiewicz
Faculty of Economic Sciences  
Finance and accounting dr Joanna Szczepańska
Faculty of Jazz  
Jazz and popular music dr Mariusz Drożdżal
Faculty of Medical Sciences  
Nursing mgr Paweł Merkel
Emergency medical rescue mgr Paweł Merkel
Faculty of Health Sciences and Physical Education  
Dietetics prof. dr hab. inż.. Joanna Wyka
Cosmetology dr n. farm. Magdalena Rogóż
Human psychophysical development dr n. o zdr. Ewa Szura
Faculty of Technical Sciences  
Architecture dr inż. arch. Agata Pięt
Computer Science dr inż. Damian Raczyński
Production management and engineering dr inż. Piotr Chwastyk
Faculty of Modern Languages  
English studies mgr Sebastian Zatylny
German studies dr Monika Witt
Business English dr Iwona Sikora