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How to get to Nysa

Nysa City is situated in the south of Poland.

Nysa hasn`t got the airport yet, so you need to get there from the city which has it, most probably from Warsaw, Cracow or Wroclaw, by the train or bus. The site with the train schedule in the English language can be found here:

When checking connections, always make sure, that you pick the one with the smallest amount of changes, and you have enough time between the arrival of one train and departure of the other.
Another site enables searching for buses as well as for train connections.

Remember to use the Polish names of the cities, Warsaw - Warszawa, Cracow - Krakow, Wroclaw and Nysa are the same.

Example connections:
Bus from Warszawa Zachodnia (Aleje Jerozolimskie 144 street) at 21:00 to Nysa bus station at 04:10
To get to Warszawa Zachodnia station from the airport, you have to go by bus number 175 that leaves the bus stop every 15/20 minutes from 4:57 to 22:57. Between 23:45 and 4:19 there is a bus number N32.

Bus form Kraków RDA (Bosacka 18 street) at 13:00 to Wroclaw bus station at 16:10. Change to bus from Wroclaw at 17:10 to Nysa at 18:43.
To get to Krakow RDA station from the airport you need to go by bus number 292 that leaves the bus stop every 20 minutes from 4:50 (except 5:10) to 23:05.

Buses from Wroclaw (Dawida street) to Nysa (Kolejowa street) shedule: 7:30, 9:15, 11:30, 14:30, 16:00, 18:30, 20:15. Travel time is 90 minutes.
To get to the Wroclaw bus station from the airport choose the bus number 406 that leaves the bus stop every 20 minutes. You can go to Nysa either from the bus station or from Dawida street (700 meters from the bus station).

How to get from the train/bus station to dormitory?

Train and bus station are in the same area. The way to dormitory goes through Kolejowa Street, Wroclawska street, Rynek (market square), Mostowa street and it ends on Kosciuszki street. Dormitory in Polish is "Akademik" or "Dom Studenta" in case of asking citizens for the way. You can also use the Google Street View or a dedicated site before arriving, to see how the way looks like.

The address of the dormitory is Kościuszki 2 street
Telephone number: (+48 77) 433 13 05