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Double Diploma

Polish-German Double Diploma Programme in Architecture within the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa and Branderburgische Technische Universität was realised between 2008 and 2019. This kind of Programme was a consequence of very fruitful cooperation between both institutions in frames of LLP ERASMUS Programme. It was also a response for market needs that promotes specialists, who are professionals knowing realities both countries.

Double Diploma Programme was a full Bachelor degree programme lasting 3,5 years with obligatory mobility two semesters in partner institution and 3-months long practical training in host country. During the seventh semester students were obliged to prepare their graduation project. Subject of this project as well as the choice of the university for graduation project was a respective choice of a student. Evaluation of the project was done by the lecturers from both universities. After graduation student got two degrees: bachelor of arts in Branderburgische Technische Universität and engineer of architecture in UAS in Nysa.

Regular elements of Polish-German Double Diploma Programme were workshops, organized twice a year. During those workshops students had possibility to get known with specific case studies and practical experience. Positive experiences and flattering opinions were a trigger to create the international ConsArch workshops as an Erasmus Intensive Course very popular and appreciated both by students and lecturers.