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The City Stadium will change beyond recognition! As early as 2024, it will be throbbing with life!

The City Stadium will change beyond recognition! As early as 2024, it will be throbbing with life!

Today during a press conference at the Rector’s office of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, minister of Sports and Tourism Kamil Bortniczuk has given us very good news! Ministry will provide over 6 million PLN for the investment for the City Stadium. It will turn into a very modern facility to serve students and citizens. This will be the largest investment in the history of the Nysa’s University.

-Athletics will be the heart of this facility, the surroundings of modern teaching buildings, eventually an archery hall, a shooting range, because these are the university's plans, will make this a truly American-style teaching and sports campus. The facility will serve students, but also students of Nysa schools and all residents for active leisure activities. It will also be an arena for many sports events," says Kamil Bortniczuk, Minister of Sports and Tourism.

This investment will boost the growth both of the University and Nysa itself. It will open new possibilities in terms of education but also a wide range of physical activity and entertainment. An athletics stadium of Olympic dimensions, certified by the Polish Association of Athletics, will be built.

-This gives us the opportunity to develop in the area of health sciences and physical culture, to expand our offerings in graduate studies, but there will also be a teaching facility on the site, which will house the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the very rapidly growing Faculty of Social Sciences. We will certainly be visible in the city. Right next to the renovated Transfer Center we will have a modern sports and teaching center," says Prof. Przemysław Malinowski, Rector of UAS in Nysa.

What is more, there will be a new parking lot for students and a professional treadmill with a polyurethane surface and a multipurpose field.

-“We plan to establish a fitness room, or space for various relaxation techniques, inside the building. Additionally, the first step of the investment went over 14 million PLN” says  Dr. Mariusz Kołosowski, vice-rector for student affairs and teaching at PANS in Nysa.

The investment is divided into 3 steps. By the end of the current year, the current stadium will be rebuilt. In 2024 construction of new buildings will begin. The first sports event - the Rector's Cup Interdepartmental Competition - is already planned for next year.

-“ We are not waiting and are getting into action. Our students have had a lot of success in sports, and with the new facility we will be able to further improve our results. There will be, of course, all the Olympic competitions of the queen of sports. There will be a grandstand for 1,000 people. If so many residents come to athletic competitions, we will be very satisfied," says Zbigniew Szlempo, Chancellor of PANS in Nysa”.

The university's new facilities located in the center will be a showcase for Nysa - as a modern science city that is friendly to young people. The investment will also expand the offer of education in engineering and technical sciences and build a base of future personnel for new companies in the Nysa Municipality.

-“I believe that this facility will be another reason why young people, students, will want to stay in Nysa after they finish their education. It will also be an excellent base for people who are keen on sports, and there are more and more of these, which is gratifying. We have, among others, footballers, athletes, or rugby players, who badly need such a place," says Kordian Kolbiarz, Mayor of Nysa”.