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Call for Publications in UAS in Nysa Scientific Journal "Risk in Organisation Management"

Call for Publications in UAS in Nysa Scientific Journal "Risk in Organisation Management"

Submission Deadline: 30.06.2024

The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa Scientific Journal welcomes researchers, scholars, and practitioners to contribute to our special issue focusing on "Risk in Organisation Management" published by the Department of Economic Sciences of PANS in Nysa.

  1. The purpose of the publication is to present different issues, different views, opinions on the issue of risk in the management of organizations, as well as methods of dealing with risk. Decisions in the organization are made today, and their effects become apparent only in the future, sometimes very far away. The number of parameters affecting future performance is very large. Their variability and unpredictability make every decision fraught with risk.
    Every manager likes the idea of making high profits from business activities, but most do not like high risk. The factors determining the value of an organization in a dynamically changing environment are not deterministic.  The use of appropriate risk management methods can not only reduce them, but even produce above-average profits.
  2. This special issue aims to explore and advance the understanding of risk analysis and management applicable to a wide array of organizations, including manufacturing and service companies, financial institutions, medical establishments, and other public and non-public institutions.
  3. Authors of the publication can be scientific and teaching staff of universities, managers of organizations of various types - enterprises, institutions, etc., as well as doctoral students and undergraduates. Submitted studies will be reviewed.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: 30.06.2024
  • Notification of Acceptance:  31.07.2024
  • Publication Date:  September 2024

Editorial Board:

Prof.  Zofia Wilimowska, Prof. Danuta Seretna-Sałamaj, UAS in Nysa
Contact information: 

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