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Internship Experience Report: My Journey to Nysa, Poland

Internship Experience Report: My Journey to Nysa, Poland

17.02-12.07.2023, Paula Flores Bucio, Student from CETYS University, Mexico
UAS in NYSA Erasmus+ Student and the International Cooperation Office Trainee  in summer semester 2022/23 

These past five months have been an unforgettable journey as I embarked on an internship at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland. As a student of Industrial Engineering at CETYS University in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, this international cooperation experience has been nothing short of enlightening and transformative.

The decision to pursue my internship in Nysa was driven by a multitude of reasons. Primarily, I sought to immerse myself in different cultures, work environments, and innovative approaches to international projects. Poland, with its rich history and thriving educational institutions, stood out as an inviting destination. The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, known for its dedication to excellence in education and international collaboration, felt like the perfect platform to further my aspirations. Upon my arrival in Poland, an immediate sense of warmth embraced me. The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa greeted me with open arms, this gesture resonated deeply, reassuring me that my journey from another continent would be characterized by a genuine sense of belonging.

The staff of the university played a pivotal role in creating an environment that felt like a true home away from home. Their authenticity, kindness, and unwavering dedication formed the foundation of an atmosphere where I could seamlessly integrate. From navigating administrative procedures to engaging in casual conversations, every interaction was infused with a spirit of hospitality that effortlessly bridged the gaps of geography and culture. Their ability to make me feel not just like a visitor, but an essential part of the team, speaks volumes about their commitment to fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity. This embodied the essence of genuine human connection that defines a memorable experience.

As I reflect upon my time in Nysa, I am deeply grateful for the invaluable support and hospitality offered by the university staff: Anna, Dagmara, Elzbieta and Ewelina. Their efforts have been the cornerstone of my journey, enriching my experience in ways beyond measure. The friendships forged and the connections made will forever remain etched in my heart as a testament to the power of a welcoming and supportive environment.

Throughout my internship at the International Cooperation Office, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with an exceptional team comprising four talented women that shared with me their experience and helped me to develop the following skills that made me grow personally and professionally.

Cross-Cultural Communication: Engaging with team members from diverse backgrounds significantly honed my cross-cultural communication skills. This ability proved invaluable in fostering effective teamwork and embracing diverse perspectives.
Adaptability: Navigating an unfamiliar environment taught me the art of adaptability. Whether it was navigating cultural nuances or addressing unexpected challenges, this experience has nurtured my capacity to thrive in new situations.
Problem-Solving: Active participation in collaborative projects exposed me to various problem-solving methodologies. Working closely with my team, we generated innovative solutions to intricate challenges.
Networking: Engaging with professionals from Poland and beyond has expanded my global network. These connections extend far beyond the internship, enriching my future opportunities for collaboration and growth.
Project Management: Collaborating on international cooperation projects provided an invaluable opportunity to refine my project management skills. 
I gained hands-on experience in efficiently planning, organizing, and executing tasks within tight schedules. The projects I did as a part of the team were the followings:

  • Blended Intensive Program: “Economic Issues: Global & European Perspective”, in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida, Germany and Dunaujvaros Egyetem, University of Dunaujvaros.
  • Blended Intensive Program: “Beauty of small town” in collaboration with University of Granada and Brandenburgische Technische University of Cottbus Senftenberg.
  • 13th International staff training week: “International events management logistics, contents and communication”.
  • International Immersion Program: “Broadening Horizons for Global Business Management” in collaboration with University of Ahmedabad.
  • UAS in Nysa International Summer Program 2023.

One of the true highlights of my time in Nysa has been the genuine connections I've formed. Whether it's been with colleagues, friends, or the university's students and staff, 
these relationships have added a profound layer to my experience. Overcoming cultural barriers, these connections have truly made me feel at home in a foreign land.

Moreover, I had the invaluable opportunity to enroll in three captivating classes led by remarkably knowledgeable and engaging professors. These classes not only deepened my grasp of industrial engineering concepts but also exposed me to new teaching methodologies and perspectives that will undoubtedly influence my future pursuits.

In conclusion, my internship journey in Nysa, Poland, has etched a profound chapter in my academic and personal life. From delving into international cooperation projects to bonding with an extraordinary team, immersing in a different culture, and the chance to learn under exceptional professors and a wonderful team, this experience has been a gift. I am not only excited about sharing my journey but also wholeheartedly urge others to seize the transformative potential of international exchange experiences.

Nysa will forever remain my beloved home away from home.

Paula Flores Bucio, CETYS University, Mexico