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Cultural studies workshop at the Rhine for students of German studies

Cultural studies workshop at the Rhine for students of German studies


Like every year, students and graduates of German philology at PANS Nysa spent the end of the carnival on a study trip to Bonn-Koenigswinter, where they deepened their knowledge of Silesia and the Rhineland during a week-long workshop. The activities were organised and conducted by the partner institution Haus Schlesien, a training, documentation and exhibition centre, in cooperation with the Upper Silesian Museum in Ratingen and the Museum Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. The participants also visited the cities of Cologne and Aachen, learning about monuments from the Carolingian period. They also had the opportunity to learn about the customs associated with the end of Carnival in the Rhineland. A highlight of the training was a visit to the Parliament of the Autonomous German-speaking Community in Eupen, in eastern Belgium, where the future teachers and interpreters learnt about the policy to support multilingualism and regional development in Belgium.

To date, 6,000 students from Silesia have taken part in the 'Schlesische Begegnungen - Śląskie spotkania' (Schlesische Begegnungen - Silesian encounters) workshop programme. For this occasion, a meeting with representatives of the press was held. This year's trip was also special in that it was carried out jointly with students from the partner Silesian University in Opava in the Czech Republic. The group was supervised by lecturers from both universities - dr hab. Gabriela Rykalová and dr hab. Alina Dittmann - as well as by mgr Paulina Remer, a doctoral student. The participants received certificates, ECTS credits and grades for the projects they had prepared. The representatives of the German studies in Nysa and Opava would like to thank the organisers and volunteers from Germany for the very interesting programme and funding of the training. We would also like to thank the travel company Almatur Travel Agency from Opole for the smooth running of the trip and the organisation of transport within Germany.

dr hab. Alina Dittmann, University professor