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Blended Intensive Program: "Artificial Intelligence for University Staff" July 1-5, 2024

Blended Intensive Program: "Artificial Intelligence for University Staff" July 1-5, 2024

The Intensive Training Program "Artificial Intelligence for University Staff" has just concluded at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa (“AI for University Staff”).

The program gathered 15 participants from the following universities:

  • Dimitrie Cantemir University, Târgu Mureș, Romania
  • Ain Temouchent University, Algeria
  • University of Dunaújváros, Hungary
  • Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Turkey
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Sakarya University of Applied Science, Turkey
  • FH Mittweida, Germany
  • University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland

Program Overview

Designed for lecturers, academic, and administrative staff, the program aimed to equip participants with the skills necessary to effectively integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their daily tasks and research activities within the academic environment.

Key Learning Areas

  • Fundamental concepts of AI and its applications in higher education
  • Tools to enhance education and research through AI
  • Security risks and ethical considerations in the widespread use of AI by both students and staff
  • Examples of best practices for AI utilization in universities
  • Future trends in AI as indicated by recent surveys in EU universities

Cultural and Networking Activities

The program also offered participants the chance to explore the infrastructure of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa and the historical landmarks of Nysa. An integration meeting at Fort Prussia, preceded by a city tour led by Sebastian Zatylny, MA - a lecturer in English Philology, was a highlight. Additionally, participants presented their home universities and took part in the Table talks on the current issues in AI.


  • "AI - Where to Start?" by Dr. Geoff Dick of St. John's University, New York
  • "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity: Trends and Challenges" by Eng. Karolina Pfeifer and  Eng. Adrian Florek from Wroclaw University of Technology
  • "AI Applications in Teaching and Scientific Work" by Eng. Mehmet Yldiz from Sakarya University, Turkey
  • "AI in Decision Making" by Dr. Samia BENTAIEB from Ain Temouchent University, Algeria.
  • "Generative AI at the Universities - Overview and Recommendations" by Anna Opalka, M.A., Head of the External Relations Department

This intensive program was instrumental in fostering an understanding of AI's potential and limitations, preparing university staff to leverage AI tools for enhanced educational and research outcomes.