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"International events management - logistics, contents and communication”

University of Applied Sciences in Nysa is organising 13th  International Staff Training Week for the academic and administration staff members

The general objective of the Erasmus+ Programme is to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people in education and training. The benefits for the organisations include an increased capacity to operate at an international level, improved management skills, access to more funding opportunities and projects, increased ability to prepare, manage, and follow-up projects, a more attractive portfolio of opportunities for students and staff at the home institutions. Thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme every institution extends its international networks and benefits from wide range of organisational support that it provides. International events are one of the possible platform where Universities may create global networks and alliances as well as search for valuable partnerships for planned projects. International events, like conferences, trainings or workshops, by its nature need specific and advanced personal and organisational skills in terms of logistics, contents and communication.

During the International Staff Training Week we would like to summarise what we know about organising international events in terms or planning, preparatory actions, execution and follow up. Participants will also get familiar with some tools supporting organisation of such events and will exchange experiences from different perspectives: experts, faculty members, administration, finances or top management or stakeholders. Additionally there will be also occasion to learn how to cope with crisis management, conflicts resolution and stress during event`s organisation.

The objective of the 13th ISTW is:

  • to share information and best practices on the cooperation within the Erasmus + Programme
  • to participate in the thematic sessions and workshops according to the current programme
  • to encourage other partner institutions, Erasmus+ students at the UAS in Nysa and Polish students to study at partner universities represented at the ISTW
  • to meet people from your area of expertise at the UAS in Nysa or partner institutions and to discuss the existing cooperation, share 'best practices' as well as to share upcoming events information among the participants
  • to strengthen the cooperation between staff and students in terms of future projects and programmes

Additional activities during the event:

  • Lectures for the students of UAS Nysa and polish students (prior acknowledgement)
  • Meetings with the Departments (on request)
  • Guided tour through Nysa wonders

Registration deadline: 31.03.2023 (Limited number of participants)


Detailed schedule

In case of potential restrictions due to pandemic situation in Europe, event will be partially organised on-line.