International Cooperation Office


Kościuszki 2
48-300 Nysa
tel. +48 77 4331305

Each room is for two people and has free access to the internet.

In the dormitory you can find two study rooms, computer room, TV room, tennis table, three kitchens and a laundry room.

The price is 540 PLN (~120 Euro) per month.

Please note:

Erasmus+ students coming to Nysa will be accommodated at the University Dormitory. Nevertheless, the number of places is limited and priority will be given to the students who sent all required application documents as the first ones, according to the rule “first come, first served”.

It is necessary for Erasmus+ students to pay a security deposit (200PLN) after their arrival, which will be refunded before their departure if there is no damage done to your room.

If the number of rooms won’t be enough for all of the students, International Cooperation Office offers help in finding the accommodation in private dormitories located in Nysa.

In case of any questions concerning accommodation, please contact International Cooperation Office:

How to get to the dormitory:,217,0,0,-1,419