Indo-European Education Foundation Branch in Nysa


1. UAS in Nysa offers full time(on weekdays) and part-time studies that ( on weekends). Both of these are offered at levels: Bachelor (3 years), Engineer (3,5 years) and Master (only in Nursing), at the following fields of study:

  • Architecture and urban planning (engineer)
    - specialisation Architecture and urban planning
    - specialisation Monument conservation
    - specialisation Architecture and urban planning studies in the English language
    - specialization Architecture of light
  • Internal security
    - specialisation Economic security
    - specialisation Information system security
    - specialisation Criminology and crime detection
  • Dietetics
    - specialisation Administrative dietetics
    - specialisation Clinical dietetics
  • Philology
    - specialisation English Studies - studies in the English language
    - specialisation German Philology - studies in the German language
    - specialisation Business English - studies in the English language
  • Finance and accounting
    - specialisation Business Management in English
    - specialisation Corporate finance
    - specialisation Accounting and financial control
  • Informatics (engineer)
    - specialisation Network and information technology security
    - specialisation Computer games and multimedia
    - specialisation Internet systems
    - specialisation Systems and computer networks
  • Jazz and popular music
    - specialisation Sound engineering
    - specialisation Instrumental specialization
    - specialization Vocal specialisation - specialisation Artistic education in jazz and popular music
  • Cosmetology
    - specialisation Cosmetic chemistry and technology
    - specialisation Specialist cosmetology
  • Nursing
  • Medical rescue
  • Management and production engineering (engineer)
    - specialisation Quality management
    - specialisation Production and service management
  • Personal Trainer

Information about admission requirements and recognition of foreign documents [ link ]


All students of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa may continue their studies as exchange students / interns in frames of Erasmus+ Programme at one of over 70 partner European Universities and other education institutions. Moreover, they can participate in summer training courses and internships in various companies in one of the EU countries or obtain grants for language courses abroad (DAAD, BU-WIWM). Studies and training courses abroad are prerequisites for obtaining the Europass certificate, which seems to be an asset in any CV.
More information about Erasmus+ Programme at UAS in Nysa [ link ]

Three weeks long course organized by the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa in September each year. Lessons consist of grammar and vocabulary classes, practical classes, conversations, workshops and study visits. Despite the classes, for all participants there are prepared many interesting, additional activities, such as tours and cultural events.
More information about the course [ link ]